AWS Database Migration Service Now Generally Available

The AWS Database Migration Service, which allows customers to migrate databases to the AWS platform, is now generally available. The service can be used for Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Amazon Aurora, MySQL and MariaDB databases. Amazon’s Database Migration Service supports migrations between the same database platform as well as from one database platform to another (Aurora to MySQL, for example). Moreover, customers can use the AWS Database Migration Service to migrate databases from on-premise infrastructures to Amazon RDS or EC2, EC2 to RDS, RDS to EC2 and RDS to RDS. The Amazon Database Migration Service creates a replication instance and then transports data from the source database to the target destination. The service manages the conversion of data from one database format to another and provides alerts and notifications regarding the progress of the migration and additionally provisions a replacement instance as required. Announced last fall at AWS re:Invent, the AWS Database Migration Service has facilitated the migration of over 1,000 databases to date and marks yet another feather in Amazon’s cap, particularly given that customers can perform database migrations with a few clicks of the mouse from the AWS management console.

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