HPE Haven OnDemand Now Commercially Available On Microsoft Azure For Cloud-Based Machine Learning

Hewlett Packard Enterprise recently announced the general availability of Haven OnDemand, a cloud-based machine learning platform capable of performing deep learning analytics on a variety of media including text, audio, image, social, web and video. The ability of Haven OnDemand to perform advanced analytics on structured and unstructured data, in conjunction with its machine learning capabilities, empowers developers to build recommendation engines, create facial recognition applications, detect fraud and build predictive models to forecast the behavior of natural and socio-cultural phenomena. Hosted on Microsoft Azure, the HPE Haven OnDemand boasts 12,750 registered developers and offers 60 APIs and services per the agreement signed between Microsoft and Hewlett Packard Enterprise in December 2015. Importantly, the commercial availability of HPE Haven OnDemand on the Azure platform illustrates the ascendancy of Azure as a computing platform for the enterprise. HPE Haven OnDemand aims to democratize access to machine learning analytics by giving developers access to many of the algorithms and tools used by data scientists to build predictive models across structured and unstructured data. That Azure hosts HPE Haven OnDemand gives developers the added boon of the performance and scalability of the Azure platform, thereby allowing users of the platform to focus on building and iteratively refining analytics in contrast to managing the infrastructure required for their execution.

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