Robert Bosch Launches Internet Of Things Cloud

Multinational engineering and electronics company Robert Bosch GmbH recently detailed plans to launch its own cloud computing platform to aggregate and analyze data from machines and appliances such as automobiles, dishwashers, washing machines and power tools. Based in Germany, Bosch’s Internet of Things cloud computing network boasts connections to over five million devices. The German industrial giant plans to run 50 of its own proprietary applications in the Bosch IoT cloud before opening up its infrastructure to applications designed by third parties. The Bosch IoT cloud aims to compete with analogous services from the likes of cloud vendors such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Google and IBM. Bosch’s Internet of Things cloud will initially run out of Germany but the company has plans to open IoT datacenters all over the world. The company hopes that basing its initial operations in Germany will attract customers concerned about data security within the U.S.

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