Cisco Acquires CliQr For $260M

Cisco has announced plans to acquire hybrid cloud management optimization vendor CliQr for $260M. CliQr helps organizations deploy, manage and monitor applications across a multitude of cloud-based environments by empowering them to manage their applications from a single pane of glass. The company’s technology has the ability to abstract an application from a single environment by creating a blueprint that facilitates its deployment and subsequent modification in a variety of cloud and on-premise IT infrastructures. Moreover, CliQr helps customers optimize the cost of their application deployments by providing analytics about which combination of cloud environments and on-premise deployments are most cost-effective given parameters such as resource consumption, scalability, network bandwidth and latency considerations. Cisco’s acquisition of CliQr enhances its positioning in the increasingly hot hybrid cloud management space that focuses on application deployment and monitoring. CliQr, which had raised $38M, was founded in 2010 but emerged from stealth in 2012. Cisco expects to finalize the acquisition in Q3 of 2016.

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