Netskope’s Active Threat Protection Delivers 360 Degree View Of Cloud Security In Addition To Threat Prioritization And Remediation

On February 25, Netskope announced details of Netskope Active Threat Protection, a platform that delivers comprehensive cloud security by identifying and remediating security threats within a cloud-based infrastructure. Netskope Active Threat Protection enables customers to identify sanctioned and unsanctioned apps within a cloud environment. In addition, the platform provides granular analytics about application usage by elaborating on whether the app in question is used to download, share or upload data. The granularity of Netskope’s analytics about app usage empowers customers to determine whether an unsanctioned app really poses a security threat, constitutes an innocuous presence with the organization’s IT landscape or lies somewhere in the middle of the spectrum between security threat and harmless insider. The platform also boasts the capability to prioritize threats by utilizing real-time threat intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics to rank the threat posed by a specific threat vector. Moreover, Netskope Active Threat Protection features built-in remediation frameworks that take advantage of the company’s integrations with endpoint detection and response technologies to enable the timely resolution of threats before they have the opportunity to escalate. The product’s remediation activities are enabled by a rich policy framework that informs the application of policy statements to security threats. The key differentiator of Netskope Active Threat Protection, however, is the larger ability of the platform to deliver 360 degree cloud security analytics and remediation functionality from an integrated dashboard the focuses as much on internal threats within an IT infrastructure as it does with threats from the perimeter. The product’s integrations with third party threat feeds from vendors such as the FireEye and Cyphort allows it to deliver real-time analytics from data originating from multiple sources in ways that testify to its data aggregation and data integration capabilities. Netskope Active Threat Protection bolsters Netskope’s positioning with the cloud access security broker space by delivering a comprehensive cloud security solution featuring advanced analytics that not only identify and quarantine threats, but that can also prioritize and remediate threats as they arise.

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