IBM and VMware Collaborate To Accelerate Hybrid Cloud Deployment

IBM and VMware recently announced a collaboration that automates the provisioning of IT infrastructures that leverage VMware vSphere, NSX and Virtual SAN on the IBM Cloud. The automation of the provisioning of VMware-based IT infrastructures on the IBM Cloud is enabled by IBM’s CloudBuilder application in conjunction with VMware’s vRealize Automation and vCenter management tools. The partnership between IBM and VMware empowers customers to create hybrid cloud environments featuring their on-premise datacenter investments and IBM Cloud deployments with minimal rework to their VMware SDCC environments. In addition, IBM and VMware will work together to produce and market products for hybrid cloud environments related to disaster recovery, workload migration and data center extension functionality. The partnership represents a huge coup for IBM, which stands to position itself as a leader in hybrid clouds by catering to the needs of enterprises who require on-premise data centers in conjunction with the elasticity, scalability and agility of the public cloud. Unlike its counterpart HP, Big Blue has yet to throw in the towel with respect to the possibility of garnering a leadership position in the cloud computing space. Watch out for more strategic partnerships and acquisitions from IBM that augment its ability to deliver hybrid cloud products and services even further.

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