xMatters Releases Integration Platform To Enhance DevOps Communications And Incident Resolution

On Tuesday, xMatters announced the release of an integration platform that facilitates the adoption of DevOps practices by enhancing communication across cross-functional teams. The xMatters integration platform aggregates data from a multitude of applications and systems in order to proactively identify team members of incidents and issues that require their attention. Users of the xMatters integration platform can choose to take responsibility for issues about which they have been notified or otherwise notify their colleagues to delegate and escalate the issue as required. Because the xMatters platform integrates with a plurality of applications and systems, users benefit from the centralization of communications provided by an integrated platform instead of discrete alerts and notifications from individual sources delivered via email. The centralization of communications further allows users to more effectively understand interdependencies between different incidents or questions of resource availability as it relates to the resolution and remediation of incidents. The xMatters platform provides functionality for expediently notifying stakeholders, setting up conference calls, tracking the resolution of the incident in question and communicating the results to a broader audience as required. As told to Cloud Computing Today in a phone interview with Mark Gabbard, Director of Product Marketing at xMatters, the screenshot below illustrates the ease with which a user can create a Service Desk ticket through the platform’s integration with ZenDesk, send a message to colleagues via HipChat or create a conference call:


xmatters dismiss

Similarly, the following screenshot elaborates how users might create a new xMatters event and the corresponding communication plan that accompanies its dissemination to the intended audience of business and technical stakeholders:

xmatters new incidentThe ability of the xMatters Integration Platform to connect legacy systems with newly installed applications enables organizations to facilitate accelerated management of DevOps interactions by providing a richly intuitive user interface for fostering collaboration amongst relevant resources to enable the timely and effective resolution of issues and incidents. The platform’s intelligent communications functionality renders it relevant to business continuity use cases in addition to related to day to day operations that stand to benefit from an accelerated and streamlined resolution and response. The platform’s ability to integrate with a multitude of applications and systems renders it particularly powerful for fostering collaboration in a DevOps environment by giving organizations a framework for cross-functional communication, documentation, reporting and analytics that runs across organizational siloes created by applications, systems, departments, business units and lines of business.

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