Docker Datacenter Delivers Integrated Platform For Containers As a Service (CAAS)

Docker today announces details of the Docker Datacenter, an integrated platform for agile application development and management composed of the Docker Universal Control Plane, Docker Trusted Registry and support for the Docker Engine. Docker Datacenter empowers customers to deploy an on-premise-based containers as a service (CAAS) solution that can build, deploy, scale, manage and update container-based applications. Docker Datacenter features the integration of the Docker Container Runtime engine in collaboration with the orchestration functionality of Docker Swarm. The platform also boasts a security layer and universal management functionality as well as the Docker Trusted Registry and its concomitant ability to keep a universal record of containers and related artifacts. The integration of the Docker Engine, Docker Trusted Registry and Docker Universal Control Plane within the Docker Datacenter means that Docker users can leverage a battle-tested infrastructure designed especially to give developers an out of the box, holistic framework for building, shipping and managing containers and their constituent applications and subsequently depend less on custom, ad hoc integrations of Docker components. The Docker Datacenter delivers greater operational agility, portability and control over the management of the complete lifecycle of containers from their definition and development to their deployment and usage in production environments.

Payroll and Human Resource Solutions giant ADP will be using the Docker Datacenter Container as a Service offering to spearhead its transition to microservices while SA Home Loans plans to transition all enterprise-grade applications from a monolithic to a microservices-based architecture. That companies such as ADP and SA Home Loans, which depend on data security to run their core business, have chosen the Docker Datacenter as the framework to transform their application development practices testifies to the robustness of its security-related functionality. Meanwhile, the Docker Datacenter delivers enhanced operational agility and portability that allows developers to deploy applications on the environment of choice, whether it be Amazon Web Services, an OpenStack-based IaaS cloud or an on-premise infrastructure. Expect the Docker Datacenter to catapult Docker’s positioning within the agile application development landscape by accelerating build and release lifecycles for container-based applications through the delivery of tighter, standardized integrations between the Docker Engine and its surrounding universe of components.

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