IDdriven Launches Identity As a Service Solution Featuring Zone Based Access Control

Sacramento-based IDdriven launched with an Identity as a Service solution that delivers cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) services on Wednesday, February 17. In addition to role-based access control, IDdriven features zone-based access control that allows administrators to control access to workloads and applications based on the geographic location of a user. Moreover, IDdriven’s IAM platform allows organizations to automate updates to an employee’s access to applications, workloads and environments as they change roles within the organization. IDdriven’s ability to update the access privileges of employees as they get promoted or change roles enables organizations to avoid the problem wherein employees inherit access granted to them in previous roles that may not be required for their current position. Importantly, IDdriven delivers a self-service based IAM platform that allows organizations to implement identity and access management via a web-based interface in conjunction with the platform’s integration with Microsoft Active Directory. Hosted on Microsoft Azure, IDdriven is offered through a subscription-based pricing model that integrates with and enhances the capabilities of existing access management tools that a company may have. Co-founded by Arend Verweij, CEO, Remy de Vries, CTO, and Geurt van Wijk, COO, the company intends to simplify identity and access management by delivering a self-service IAM platform that differentiates by way of a simple, user friendly user interface, pricing that is easy to understand, granular access control capabilities and self-service provisioning and management functionality. IDdriven will be introduced to the industry in conjunction with the IDdriven Partner Network to accelerate the adoption of its innovative identity and access management solutions.

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