Illumio Expands Security Platform With Adaptive User Segmentation Enabled Via Integration With Microsoft Active Directory

Illumio today announced an expansion of its Adaptive Security Platform by integrating with Microsoft’s Active Directory groups to deliver Adaptive User Segmentation functionality. Adaptive User Segmentation empowers enterprises to segment users into groups and subsequently assign them with role-based access control to applications, workloads and environments. Illumio’s ability to segment users into groups allows organizations to identify cases where a security breach has the unexpected and undesirable consequence of giving a user unauthorized access to applications and workloads. In addition to identifying cases of unauthorized access, the Illumio platform automates the termination of user access privileges once unauthorized access has been detected. Illumio’s Adaptive User Segmentation gives customers the ability to define groups and access privileges that recognize the specificity of their organizational hierarchy and culture although groups typically correspond to user’s functional role and level of responsibility within the organization. The integration of Illumio’s Adaptive Security Platform with Microsoft’s Active Directory enables the implementation of a granular, role-based security framework to on-premise, public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructures. Adaptive User Segmentation prevents malicious code from escalating throughout the organization by pre-empting the elevation of the privileges assigned to users. The addition of Adaptive User Segmentation to Illumio’s Adaptive Security Platform marks an important step in its evolution insofar as it augments the ability of organizations to manage an increasingly heterogeneous environment with respect to the origin and dissemination of threats.

The graphic below illustrates the ease with which Illumio security policies can be defined using natural language instead of binary syntax:


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