Druva Announces Addition Of Disaster Recovery Functionality To Druva Phoenix Converged Data Protection Platform

Converged data protection vendor Druva recently announced Disaster Recovery functionality that augments Druva Phoenix, the company’s cloud-based data protection products and services for the enterprise. Druva Phoenix’s disaster recovery functionality ensures business continuity and reduces operational downtime by delivering automated backup and recovery processes that leverage the elasticity, operational agility and economics of the public cloud. Built on Amazon Web Services, Druva Phoenix automates the backup and archival of “physical and virtual server environments” directly to a cloud-based platform. In addition to disaster recovery purposes, companies can use Druva Phoenix to spin up replicas of their production environment for dev and test use cases. Moreover, customers have the ability to customize the periodicity of incremental backups and selectively restore business operations for specific business units, lines of business, initiatives or workloads in correspondence with the nomenclature and taxonomy used in the setup of their disaster recovery processes. By automating the backup, recovery and restoration of distributed computing environments featuring on-premise datacenters, private clouds and a multitude of end user devices, the platform reduces the operational overhead associated with manually backing up enterprise IT infrastructures in addition to delivering greater reliability and predictability to the restoration process. Druva Phoenix also boasts integrated analytics both on its infinite storage retention repository as well as its backup process, thereby giving customers enhanced capabilities to audit the history of data within their enterprise environment. Overall, the platform’s recently announced Disaster Recovery functionality marks the entry of another important player to the cloud-based disaster recovery space, particularly considering Druva’s impressive track record with converged data protection. Expect to hear more about Druva Phoenix’s Disaster Recovery functionality as more benchmark, production data about its recovery successes emerges across a number of industries.

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