Midokura’s MEM 5.0 Delivers Enhanced Analytics Into Software Network Virtualization Infrastructures For OpenStack

This week, Midokura announced details of MEM 5.0, the next generation of its Midokura Enterprise MidoNet platform. As a network virtualization solution for IaaS clouds, MEM 5.0 boasts enhanced operational management functionality such as advanced analytics into the history of network flows through physical and virtual host machines. MEM 5.0 also provides data on network utilization by tenant in the form of usage reports that illustrate which tenants have consumed most network resources within a designated time period. In addition, the MEM Insights component of MEM 5.0 features analytics into bandwidth consumption by way of traffic counters that empower cloud operators to proactively monitor bandwidth consumption as well as port mirroring functionality that allows administrators to mirror devices such as ports, bridges and routers to identify anomalous behavior. Pino de Candia, CTO of Midokura, remarked on the innovation of this release as follows:

Operational tools are generally geared towards configurations, monitoring in OpenStack, but they offer no visibility into encapsulated traffic. From Midokura’s own experience as an operator, and by working with operators ourselves, we’ve seen firsthand the dire need for analytic and end-to-end operational tools for management of network infrastructure. Midokura Enterprise MidoNet 5.0 builds upon our popular technology to meet this need, making OpenStack far simpler to manage, operate and also troubleshoot.

As de Candia notes, MEM 5.0 delivers analytics into “encapsulated traffic” and simplifies the process of troubleshooting disruptive or anomalous network behavior within OpenStack deployments. Cloud operators who leverage Midokura to virtualize networks now have access to an enriched portfolio of operational reports and analytics that enables them to more effectively manage the performance of their network. Given that MEM 5.0 now comes replete with an enhanced set of tools for analyzing and remediating issues within network traffic, the network virtualization space for OpenStack features increasing competition as Midokura vies with the likes of Akanda, Juniper Networks and Plumgrid for market share amongst OpenStack cloud operators and IaaS cloud deployments more generally. The screenshot below illustrates the visualization of network-related analytics available through MEMInsights in MEM 5.0.

The screenshot below illustrates the visualization of network-related analytics available through MEMInsights in MEM 5.0.

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