MapR Awarded Patent For Converged Data Platform

MapR has been granted a patent from the USPTO for a converged data architecture that brings together “open source, enterprise storage, NoSQL, and event streams” with enterprise-grade security and disaster recovery functionality. MapR’s converged data architecture supports open source APIs such as POSIX, NFS, LDAP, ODBC, REST, and Kerberos while enabling real-time analytics on data in motion and data at rest. The platform delivers the power of Hadoop and Spark in conjunction with read-write and update functionality that can produce analytics for mission-critical applications and computationally intensive workloads, at scale. The MapR Converged Data Platform empowers customers to avoid data siloes by running analytics on multiple workloads housed within one cluster. Meanwhile, the platform’s enterprise-grade reliability allows customers to ingest, process and analyze big data from a multitude of sources while enjoying the benefits of production-grade data protection and disaster recovery. The innovation of the platform consists in its ability to support storage and analytics from a multitude of data formats and acquisition modalities such as batch uploads as well as streaming data. Wednesday’s patent announcement affirms the innovation specific to the architecture of MapR’s converged big data infrastructure. Expect to hear more details about MapR’s Converged Data Platform as use cases proliferate and differentially illustrate the platform’s ability to support big data analytics in mission critical environments for data from relational databases, NoSQL, Hadoop and streaming data sources, alike.

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