Recommind’s Axcelerate Cloud Brings Enhanced Visibility To Legal Discovery Via Efficiency Scoring Analytics

Recommind today revealed details of the Axcelerate Cloud, the latest version of its SaaS eDiscovery platform built using the Axcelerate platform. The Axcelerate Cloud delivers business analytics that helps legal teams obtain insights into their operational processes. Built using a virtual private cloud on Amazon Web Services, the Axcelerate Cloud delivers a secure infrastructure for storing sensitive legal documents by means of data encryption at rest. In addition to enterprise-grade security, the platform provides granular visibility into the status of projects in ways that allow leaders to track metrics about the performance and progress of teams, resources, projects and portfolios. Moreover, customers have the ability to scale up or scale down the volume of data stored within the repository and concomitantly enjoy the benefits of predictable pricing as a result of a subscription-based pricing model tiered by data volume. This iteration of the Axcelerate Cloud features Efficiency Scoring marked by metrics and business intelligence that allow legal team leaders to obtain granular analytics about the status and performance of operational processes and teams. Efficiency scoring gives legal leaders deeper insight into their business processes that enables the optimization of business processes and the identification of high performing resources and teams. Additional benefits of efficiency scoring include the ability to replicate successful operational workflows and quantify achievements, thereby bringing enhanced visibility and performance management to the practice of legal research and analysis. By bringing robust, cloud-based security functionality, scalability, predictable pricing and visibility to the work specific to legal discovery and analysis, Recommind stands poised to consolidate its leadership position in the space of cloud-based solutions for the legal industry, particularly given its enhanced efficiency scoring and analytic capabilities. The Recommind Axcelerate Cloud solution is available as a managed or self-service offering via the cloud or an on premise deployment.

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