PaaS Vendor dotCloud, Progenitor Of Docker, To Shut Down Operations On February 29

Platform as a Service vendor dotCloud will be shutting down its operations on February 29 due to fiscal insolvency. dotCloud was purchased by cloudControl in August 2014 from Docker after Docker decided to focus exclusively on its containerization technology, to which it famously pivoted from a PaaS-based business model through the leadership and vision of Solomon Hykes. The demise of dotCloud marks a historic loss for the cloud computing community given that dotCloud was the company behind the team that spawned the idea to incorporate Docker’s container technology. dotCloud’s fiscal insolvency illustrates the depth of competition within the Platform as a Service space, which increasingly features competition between standalone PaaS players such as Engine Yard and Apprenda and larger vendors that are either based on Cloud Foundry or PaaS-platforms associated with behemoths such as Amazon and Microsoft Azure. dotCloud recommends that customers migrate their data to Heroku prior to February 29, 2016 to avoid service disruptions or data loss.

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