Cloudera Releases Cloudera Director 2.0 Marked By Enhanced Operational Granularity And Automation Of Cloud-Based Hadoop Deployments

On Thursday, Cloudera today announced the release of Cloudera Director 2.0, the next version of Cloudera’s platform for deploying and managing Cloudera Enterprise within cloud environments. In collaboration with Cloudera Manager, Cloudera Director 2.0 empowers users to deploy CDH clusters within a cloud infrastructure by taking advantage of a combination of configuration scripts to collectively launch the CDH cluster, schedule queries, retrieve Hadoop-based data and terminate it when required. Moreover, Cloudera Director 2.0 gives customers the ability to add ETL and Modeling to workloads using spot instance support, thereby decreasing operational costs associated with hosting. This version also enables the launch and termination of clusters as result of the execution of specific jobs, thereby delivering enhanced automation regarding the management of cloud-based CDH clusters that correspondingly gives customers greater control over their deployments in addition to the opportunity to decrease costs. In addition, Thursday’s release features the ability to both clone and repair clusters with zero to minimal disruption to the deployment. Meanwhile, Cloudera’s beta RecordService for unified access control and security by means of a distributed data service supports “secure, multi-tenant access” to all users analyzing Hadoop data in Amazon S3 and other storage repositories for Hadoop data. By giving customers finely grained control regarding operational processes that include cluster launch, cluster termination, query management as well as improved scalability for business intelligence and analytic workloads, Cloudera Director 2.0 promises to entice customers to leverage the agility and economics of the public cloud to complement their on-premise Hadoop deployments. As the only Hadoop distribution that supports hybrid cloud environments, Cloudera empowers customers to nimbly deploy Hadoop workloads on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure with nuanced and granular controls that collectively deliver optimized cost, greater operational control, improved scalability, enhanced automation and more robust security within their cloud deployments. Version 2.0 of Cloudera Director accelerates the industry-wide trend toward the convergence between cloud computing and Big Data by giving customers enterprise grade, self-service tools to manage their Hadoop workloads in the cloud, from within a single pane of glass.

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