Puppet Labs Announces Kubernetes Module To Enhance Kubernetes Management

Puppet Labs today announced the availability of a Kubernetes module that extends Puppet’s IT automation capabilities and functionality for managing infrastructure as code to the Kubernetes cluster management platform for containers. The Kubernetes module from Puppet Labs allows customers to generate configurations for Kubernetes clusters that can be disseminated across distributed teams to facilitate enhanced collaboration and application standardization. Moreover, the Kubernetes module delivers granular reporting and audit functionality that enables customers to keep track of Kubernetes-related configuration changes. The ability of the Puppet Labs Kubernetes module to track configuration changes allows customers to more effectively manage configuration drift and subsequently ensure that their deployments remain in keeping with their design specifications. As a result, customers can use Puppet Labs to audit their applications with a view to understanding the current state of their Kubernetes clusters. Importantly, customers who take advantage of the Kubernetes module can manage Kubernetes using the same Puppet Labs automation framework that they use to manage the rest of their IT infrastructure. As container usage skyrockets throughout the enterprise, Puppet Labs’ deep integration with Kubernetes and attendant functionality for Kubernetes configuration management gives customers a unified IT automation framework capable of managing containers in addition to infrastructure, networking components and applications. Puppet’s Kubernetes module continues to underscore the way in which it intends to differentiate from the pack of third party IT automation vendors. Expect Puppet’s Kubernetes module to garner increased attention as Kubernetes deployments in production environments increase in number and size within the enterprise.

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