Cloudyn Raises $11M In Series B Funding For Hybrid Cloud Monitoring & Performance Optimization

Cloud monitoring and optimization vendor Cloudyn today announced the finalization of $11M in Series B funding. Carmel Ventures led the capital raise in conjunction with previous investors Titanium Investments and RDSeed. The funding will be used to expand Cloudyn’s marketing and sales operations toward the end of improving market share and brand recognition and value. Cloudyn has increased revenue by a factor of three for each of the past three consecutive years and currently monitors over 200,000 virtual machines with its cloud monitoring software. Unlike other infrastructure monitoring tools, Cloudyn specializes in hybrid cloud monitoring and optimization and differentiates by way of its ability to support the monitoring of on-premise, private clouds in addition to deployments on public clouds. Cloudyn’s funding raise builds on its October announcement regarding its ability to “SmartSize” deployments that assesses the optimal scale of a deployment by taking into account variables such as instances, workloads, applications and its expected growth trajectory. The combination of Cloudyn’s SmartSizing-based cloud deployment functionality and its ability to monitor private and public cloud deployments from a unified pane of glass enables it to provide customers with prescriptive analytics about the optimal mix of private and public cloud infrastructures for their deployments.  With an extra $11M in the bank, expect Cloudyn to continue increasing market share for cloud monitoring and optimization as the proliferation of hybrid cloud deployments in the enterprise leads to an intensified need for hybrid cloud monitoring platforms.

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