Google Announces Second Generation Of Its Fully Managed Cloud SQL Database Platform

On Thursday, Google announced the second generation of its Cloud SQL database that was initially launched in 2011. Google’s Cloud SQL Second Generation BETA delivers performance improvements by a factor of seven as well as enhanced scalability by a factor of twenty. Cloud SQL Second Generation also offers users greater control over maintenance windows in addition to less frequent maintenance requirements. As a fully managed cloud offering, Google’s Cloud SQL database platform delivers the convenience of not having to manage deployment, upgrades and security in addition to the convenience of configuring automatic backup and data replication. Cloud SQL Second Generation offers users the ability to scale to up to 10 TB of data, 104 GB of RAM and throughput of 15,000 IOPS, well in excess of the performance and scalability of the first generation as noted in a blog post by Brett Hesterberg. The new version of Google’s cloud-based SQL database platform, based on MySQL, marks one of its most significant announcements regarding its cloud portfolio since the recent appointment of former VMware executive Diane Greene to the role of the head of its cloud business in November.

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