Bromimum Enhances Endpoint Security Solution With Version 3 Of vSentry And LAVA

On December 8, cybersecurity vendor Bromium announced the release of vSentry 3.0 and LAVA to bolster its micro-virtualization based endpoint security solution that aims to isolate security threats before they have the opportunity to proliferate within an IT infrastructure. Version 3.0 of vSentry boasts behavioral executable analytics that proactively identify malicious behavior within executable files. By protecting endpoints against executable files that disguise themselves as legitimate applications, Bromium’s vSentry 3.0 augments its ability to protect enterprises from attacks that originate from the internet, email or productivity and sharing applications. Ken Pfeil, CISO at MFS Investment Management, remarked on the efficacy of Bromium’s isolation-based approach to endpoint security as follows:

Isolating threats with Bromium is so phenomenally effective that it has become foundational to my security architecture. This is the second company where I have invested in Bromium because it deploys at scale rapidly, is transparent to the end user, and prevents endpoint breaches better than any technology I have seen.

Whereas vSentry 3.0 features the ability to protect against attacks that originate from executable files as well as other sources, LAVA, short for Live Attack Visualization and Analysis (LAVA), aims to shut down a virtual machine before a security breach has the opportunity to escalate. LAVA allows Bromium to model and visualize attacks as they unfold toward the end of detecting patterns across various security breaches and ultimately creating a library of the multitude of typologies specific to attacks on IT endpoint security. Bromium’s release of version 3.0 of its endpoint security platform comes in conjunction with news that it has doubled “bookings year over year” and increased its customer count amongst the Fortune 500 by a factor of three. Version 3.0 enhances Bromium’s disruptive micro-virtualization technology that leverages CPU virtualization to isolate threats before that they have the opportunity to proliferate. In combination with its recent partnership with Microsoft that ensures compatibility with the Bromium platform and Windows 10, the release of version 3.0 strongly positions Bromium to increase its market share within the increasingly hot cloud security space.

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