IBM Acquires Clearleap To Bolster Cloud-Based Video Services On IBM Cloud

On Tuesday, IBM announced the acquisition of Clearleap, a cloud-based video services vendor whose customers include HBO, Verizon, Time Warner and the NFL. The acquisition of Clearleap enhances the IBM Cloud’s functionality with respect to the dissemination and operational management of video-based data. By integrating  Clearleap into the IBM cloud, IBM empowers its customers to more effectively monetize video-based data by delivering enterprise-grade video to audiences all over the world. Known for its scalability, the Clearleap platform strengthens the positioning of video-based data within the IBM cloud and helps customers to both disseminate video and derive actionable business intelligence about its usage. IBM’s acquisition of Clearleap builds upon its November purchase of Cleversafe, a provider of storage solutions for the management of unstructured data. Terms of the acquisition of Clearleap were not disclosed.

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