OpsDataStore Delivers Real-Time, Integrated Platform For IT Management That Combines Infrastructure And Application Performance Optimization

OpsDataStore recently announced the availability of the OpsDataStore 1.0, a platform that improves the quality of online experiences by managing data from a heterogeneous assemblage of IT vendors. OpsDataStore enables the collection of infrastructure and application-related data to give customers a 360 degree view of factors affecting application performance. The platform’s Open Data Collection Architecture provides a repository for the collection of data from any hardware or software platform and includes connectors to data from ExtraHop, AppDynamics and the VMware vSphere data center virtualization platform. Data is stored within a dynamic object model that facilitates the construction of a topological visualization of relationships between data responsible for the functioning of applications as illustrated below:

After storing a heterogeneous assemblage of data from a variety of vendors, the OpsDataStore performs advanced analytics to identify the root cause of problems specific to the performance of applications using the topological data map illustrated above. For example, the platform leverages correlation-based analytics to facilitate troubleshooting and performance optimization in collaboration with vendors that specialize in root cause analytics. Built using technologies such as Cassandra, Spark and Kafka, OpsDataStore supports the ability to scale to accommodate the massive amounts of data ingested from the multiplicity of vendors for which it was designed. The platform supports a REST API and ODBC to maximally integrate with data sources that can provide insight into infrastructure and application performance while integrating with Tableau and Qlik for advanced data visualization functionality while supporting. Most importantly, however, OpsDataStore provides a big data, backend repository for application and infrastructure performance optimization in conjunction with root cause analytics that enable customers to identify and remediate causes for issues that are adversely affecting their deployments. The platform’s unique ability to integrate all management data into a unified, 360 degree view toward the end of infrastructure and application performance optimization gives customers a uniquely powerful management tool for improving the quality of online service. Given the increasing heterogeneity of data stores and applications within today’s IT environments, the ability of OpsDataStore to store and perform advanced analytics on data from a vast array of sources marks a breakthrough in IT management, particularly because of its ability to integrate infrastructure and application performance optimization from within the same framework.

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