Ravello Systems and Nutanix Partner To Make First Hyperconverged Infrastructure Platform Available On Public Cloud

Ravello Systems today announced that its nested virtualization technology will render the Nutanix Community Edition available on Amazon Web Services and the Google Cloud. The partnership between Ravello Systems and Nutanix marks the first time hyperconverged infrastructure technology such as the Nutanix Community Edition is available on the public cloud and powerfully illustrates the efficacy of one of Ravello’s three use cases, namely the facilitation of the deployment of cloud environments by rendering an expanded roster of hypervisors compatible with a cloud environment and infrastructure. By partnering with Ravello Systems, Nutanix customers can take advantage of the community edition of its converged infrastructure platform without the operational challenge of purchasing, deploying and managing hardware. Instead, customers of Nutanix on AWS or the Google Cloud can select the Nutanix Community Edition blueprint from within the Ravello Systems platform and launch Nutanix infrastructures on the selected public cloud within minutes. The enhanced and streamlined operational agility with respect to both deployment and ongoing management means that Nutanix customers can focus on optimizing their converged infrastructure deployments by means of attention to analytics and KPIs that enable the optimization of infrastructure performance. More importantly, by making Nutanix Community Edition available on AWS and Google Cloud via Ravello, Nutanix stands to benefit from increased exposure to a wider range of customers that may be in the market for a converged infrastructure solution for their data center. As told to Cloud Computing Today in an interview with Shruti Bhat, Director of Marketing at Ravello Systems and Nikita Maheswari from Nutanix’s Product Marketing Team, the partnership between Ravello and Nutanix rests on a product integration marked by a rewriting of the Acropolis hypervisor used by Nutanix to render it compatible with Ravello’s nested hypervisor technology. As such, the announcement continues to underscore the ability of Ravello Systems to engineer its platform to accommodate a multitude of hypervisor technology toward the end of facilitating migrations from on premise environments to the cloud, or for other use cases such as dev and test or even security testing.

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