Informatica Releases Big Data Management Suite Featuring Data Governance And Security Alongside Data Integration And Processing Functionality

This week, Informatica announced details of the Informatica Big Data Management suite, an integrated platform that delivers data integration, data quality, data governance and data security. Within the suite, over 200 Informatica data integration connectors enable the ingestion of massive volumes of Hadoop, NoSQL and MPP-based data. In addition, the platform supports high throughput and low latency data integration in conjunction with the ability to support processing, data mapping and iterative automation of data integration processes. Meanwhile, the platform’s data quality and governance functionality features data profiling and data quality functionality that can alert customers to data completeness, data corruption and related data issues. Moreover, the Informatica Big Data Management suite supports effective data governance by allowing data stewards to take responsibility for data ownership and collaboration between IT and business stakeholders. The platform also delivers a bevy of risk analytics that allow data owners to quantify threats to sensitive data, understand security risks and take advantage of data masking and de-identification practices to ensure the protection of sensitive data. As such, the Informatica Big Data Management suite represents a notable intervention in the big data landscape because of its ability to deliver tools for ingesting and processing Big Data from a multitude of sources in conjunction with data quality, data governance and data security tools that facilitate a turnkey implementation of a big data framework. Whereas customers typically cobble together a mélange of products to support the management and ongoing administration of big data, the Informatica Big Data Suite delivers an integrated platform for Big Data management differentiated in large measure by its data governance and data security functionality alongside its data integration, data processing and data quality capabilities.

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