Rancher Labs Announces Orchestration Functionality For Persistent Storage On Docker Containers

Private container vendor Rancher Labs today announced support for the orchestration of persistent storage services for Docker. The new functionality introduced by Rancher Labs surmounts challenges related to the storage of persistent data on the part of Docker applications. Rancher Labs now renders it possible for developers to orchestrate the deployment of storage services onto container host machines in conjunction with the use of software defined storage platforms such as Gluster, Ceph and Nexenta. Moreover, the new functionality from Rancher allows customers to launch applications that leverage storage services in support of stateful application services. Rancher’s integration with storage services such as Gluster, Ceph and Nexenta means that customers can take advantage of advanced storage functionality from storage vendors such as backup, remote replication and snapshot. Moreover, Rancher’s support for the orchestration of persistent storage services enables customers to deploy applications with storage services onto a multitude of environments and host machines that include public and private clouds as well as virtual machines and bare metal servers. By integrating persistent storage into Docker container management, Rancher Labs empowers customers to create and deploy container-based applications that contain persistent storage, thereby facilitating the development of applications that need stateful databases to realize their functionality. As such, today’s announcement marks a notable breakthrough in container management by bringing the orchestration of persistent storage to Docker containers and enhancing the ability of customers to deploy applications that require the storage of persistent data.

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