Cloud Security Vendor Palerra Announces User Behavior Analytics For LORIC Platform

Cloud and IT security vendor Palerra recently announced new User Behavior Analytics capabilities for its LORIC platform as well as an integration with Okta, the identity management vendor. LORIC’s User Behavior Analytics capabilities enable the platform to dynamically assign risk scores to users by leveraging LORIC’s machine learning analytics and continuous assessment of user behavior. The assignment of risk scores to users as a result of enhanced advanced analytics and threat detection capabilities means that Palerra customers can now perform deep forensic analysis on user behavior to proactively identify risky user behavior and anomalous patterns of behavior before they escalate into actual security breaches. Importantly, UBA analytics are available across all cloud profiles protected by the LORIC platform, thereby allowing Palerra to examine UBA on platforms such as Amazon, Box and Salesforce via a single pane of glass. Meanwhile, Palerra’s integration with Okta allows customers to enjoy the benefits of Okta’s identity management and access control functionality in ways that complement and bolster its risk score-based advanced analytic functionality for understanding user behavior.

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