New Relic Acquires Opsmatic To Extend Its Analytics To Infrastructure Monitoring

Application analytics vendor New Relic has announced its acquisition of Opsmatic, an infrastructure monitoring startup for DevOps teams. Opsmatic delivers real-time analytics into cloud infrastructures with a focus on configuration changes and their effects on a deployment. Opsmatic’s ability to monitor and understand the significance of infrastructure-related configuration changes allows customers to expeditiously diagnose issues in their infrastructure and thereby optimize infrastructure performance and reduce downtime. New Relic’s acquisition of Opsmatic’s cloud-based technology underscores the vitality of contemporary interest in infrastructure monitoring and performance optimization tools as evinced by Splunk 6.3, Cloudyn and AppFormix. Given the cloud landscape’s surfeit of platforms dedicated to application performance monitoring and lifecycle management, recent interest in infrastructure monitoring dovetails with the proliferation of cloud-based infrastructures that require advanced analytics to keep their pulse on the operational health of deployments that typically feature distributed systems and applications. Terms of New Relic’s acquisition of Opsmatic were not disclosed.

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