ExtraHop Version 5.0 Allows Customers To Explore And Analyze All Network Data To Integrate IT And Business Analytics

On November 3, ExtraHop announced the fifth version of its platform for real-time analytics on all data in motion. Version 5.0 of ExtraHop expands the platform’s functionality to empower customers to perform advanced analytics on all data that crosses the wire with a view to identifying root causes associated with anomalous, unusual or noteworthy behavior. Version 5.0 enables users to perform correlations between multiple datasets to obtain a more granular understanding of performance within an infrastructure. Importantly, the ability of the ExtraHop platform to perform historical analytics on multiple streams of wire data is enabled, in this release, by an enhanced user interface that allows users to leverage dynamic tables and data pivots in conjunction with a visual query language as illustrated by the graphic below:

As shown above, ExtraHop version 5.0 sports a rich visual interface featuring dashboards that allow drill-down capability as well as the ability to customize widgets and analytics to align with the interests of business and IT stakeholders. The multi-dimensional analytics and correlation functionality exhibited in ExtraHop’s dashboards are strengthened by the platform’s support for the Open Stream Data For Kafka that facilitates the distribution and correlation of multiple, disparate data sets. In addition, version 5.0’s ExtraHop Explore appliance gives users the ability to query historical metrics related to wire data. The combination of analytics from the ExtraHop Explore appliance and the ExtraHop Discover appliance gives customers a holistic and granular picture of IT operations and business data. The ExtraHop Explore appliance allows customers to mine data at rest and in motion, which means that any data that flows through the network can be mined, thereby empowering business users to use ExtraHop version 5.0 for incident management use cases that generate alerts when a rule or condition has been met. All this means that ExtraHop can now viably support business analytics as well as IT and network analytics in ways that bring the power of search, correlation and root cause analysis to all data running through a customer’s network. By bringing advanced analytics to IT data as well as business data, ExtraHop gives customers unprecedented abilities to understand the intersection of technology with business operations. Expect version 5.0 to expand ExtraHop’s purview dramatically, particularly as it now stands poised to embrace use cases for the Internet of Things and to subsequently understand correlations between data from IoT devices and business trends.

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