JFrog Announces JFrog Mission Control To Manage Multiple Artifactory Instances

JFrog today announced details of JFrog Mission Control, a product that delivers centralized management and monitoring of JFrog artifactory instances worldwide. JFrog artifactory, recall, facilitates the storage and release of software from development to production by means of a universal artifact repository that empowers developers to share binary code. As such, JFrog Artifactory supports development efforts on the part of distributed teams and developers that require high availability storage, sharing functionality and enterprise-grade security. JFrog Mission Control allows customers to centrally manage multiple instances of JFrog Artifactory by managing permissions and role-based access privileges in conjunction with access to real-time data about the artifacts stored within each repository such as the itemization of stored objects and their usage. JFrog Mission Control features an executive dashboard that provides operational visibility into each Artifactory instance including details of code builds, releases, distribution and versioning-related updates and the application of metadata. JFrog Mission Control joins JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Bintray as the company’s third product and responds to the industry’s need to centrally manage multiple JFrog Artifactory instances, particularly on the part of large enterprises with globally distributed teams. The video below elaborates on the JFrog Mission Control’s ability to manage multiple Artifactory instances.

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