Niara Includes Network Packet and Flow Data Within Its Automated Security Analytics Platform

. @Niara Includes Network Packet and Flow Data As #Data Sources For Its Automated #SecurityAnalytics Platform

On October 27, Niara announced the release of a security analytics platform marked by the ability to deliver analytics on user behavior as well as the behavior of entities by means of data from network packets and flows. By adding data from network packets and flows to log data, Niara delivers a holistic solution that provides enhanced attack detection and incident response capabilities. The addition of network packet and flow data allows customers to obtain deeper insight into the nature of security threats in ways that streamline the evaluation of security risks as noted by Niara’s CEO, Sriram Ramachandran, as follows:

To get the most accurate information for attack detection, you must be able to analyze relevant security data from any source, regardless of volume, including log, flow, packet and threat intelligence sources. Having this higher fidelity picture allows you to drastically reduce the volume of alerts that security analysts have to sort through and validate, making them quicker and much more effective.

As Ramachandran notes, Niara’s enhanced security analytics platform allows customers to focus on evaluating a smaller number of alerts, thereby freeing resources to focus on security risks that present the greatest threat to their organizations. Customers can subsequently use Niara’s workflow for identifying, reviewing and triaging security risks using a structured methodology and framework. Meanwhile, Niara integrates with third party event management platforms such as Splunk and HP Arc Sight that allows for the derivation of even more nuanced analytics and actionable business intelligence from its security analytics data. With the addition of network packets and flow data to provide user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) to log data, Niara stands poised to deliver a truly comprehensive approach to the automated detection of security attacks that, in turn, streamlines and simplifies incident response. Expect subsequent releases to add even more layers of security analytics functionality to its platform as the company builds on its emergence from stealth in June 2015.

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