Aviso Brings Advanced Analytics And Machine Learning To Sales Operations With Launch Of Its Virtual Sales War Room

On October 21, Aviso announced the release of the Aviso Virtual Sales War Room, a platform that delivers granular sales analytics to help sales leaders achieve their goals. The Aviso Virtual Sales Warm Room leverages a combination of machine learning and advanced analytics to develop scenarios for executing sales campaigns that are updated in real-time in conjunction with contemporary updates to sales prospects. The platform features the ability for sales professionals to update the status of sales deals as they progress, scenario modeling functionality to assess the impact of updates to the status of deals, real-time notification capabilities to allow sales teams to effectively collaborate throughout the sales process and data about deals that are in the process of concurrent negotiations. Aviso’s technology brings the power of predictive analytics to forecast which deals will close, when and under what terms, and subsequently refines those algorithms using machine learning technology that iteratively understands the rhythms of each sales team and their style of closing deals. The platform’s proprietary analytics based on CRM data, emails and calendar appointments, market data and social media delivers a degree of analytic sophistication to decisions about sales operations that help sales leaders reach their targets and make the best decisions for their portfolio of prospects. As such, the Aviso Virtual Sales War Room promises to disrupt the operational process of sales execution by harnessing the power of advanced analytics and machine learning to improve sales performance.

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