Walmart Proposes To Open Source Code For OneOps To Help Alleviate Cloud Vendor Lock-In

Walmart is proposing to open source the code for OneOps, the technology it uses to migrate cloud-based workloads from one vendor to another, by year’s end on GitHub. Walmart has used OneOps for cloud operations specific to as well as its brick and mortar stores in recent months. By open sourcing OneOps, Walmart hopes to alleviate cloud vendor lock-in by increasing application, database and workload portability. In addition to enhancing cloud portability, OneOps delivers application lifecycle management functionality and the ability to abstract cloud environments to empower developers to more effectively transport applications across different cloud infrastructures. Walmart’s decision to open source OneOps represents a riposte at the Amazon Web Services cloud, which is well known for its proprietary cloud infrastructure that evinces limited functionality to interoperate with other clouds. As an online retailer that competes with Amazon, Walmart’s open sourcing of OneOps constitutes a competitive jab at its retail rival, albeit at the technology that has been the one profitable component of Amazon’s business operations to date.

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