NS1 Announces Launch Of Pulsar For DNS And Traffic Management Optimization

NS1 recently announced the launch of Pulsar, a solution that manages DNS performance to optimize the performance of applications by making real-time, intelligent routing decisions to ensure low latency and high throughput between applications and users. Pulsar is a cloud-based real user monitoring (RUM) solution that leverages end user telemetry to automate the routing of traffic to ensure an optimized application performance and end user experience. The Pulsar solution takes into consideration data from infrastructure, networks and applications to make real-time routing recommendations and decisions to optimize DNS performance. Based on the premise that the technology for DNS and traffic management has not kept pace with the proliferation of big data and distributed applications, Pulsar’s approach to DNS and traffic management empowers customers to improve application performance by combining a traffic management solution with real user monitoring data. The improved application performance resulting from enhanced DNS management means that customers stand to enjoy the benefits of increased customer satisfaction as well as decreased operational costs associated with application and content delivery. Pulsar operates by means of the non-disruptive implementation of a script within an application. The platform integrates with NS1’s DNS and traffic management platform and claims particular relevance for content providers and applications for which split second latency is crucial for business operations.

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