Cloudyn Announces Ability To SmartSize Deployments And Support For Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

Cloudyn recently announced new functionality for its cloud monitoring and optimization platform in the form of SmartSizing and the ability to manage hybrid clouds. Cloudyn’s SmartSizing solution assesses deployments by means of an analysis that includes instances, workloads and applications as opposed to the traditional approach of considering instances alone. By including attention to workloads and use cases in its assessment of the optimal deployment, Cloudyn delivers a smart-sized analysis of the scale of a deployment based on a holistic view of the hardware-based infrastructure in conjunction with the architecture specific to its applications and workloads. Cloudyn’s SmartSizing solution takes into consideration the deployment’s projected growth trajectory and recommends downsizing or upsizing accordingly. In addition to SmartSizing, Cloudyn announced the ability of its cloud monitoring platform to monitor private clouds, thereby enabling customers to manage hybrid cloud infrastructures from a single, unified management console. Cloudyn’s prescriptive, real-time analytics provide guidance regarding the optimal combination of private and public cloud deployments. Moreover, the combination of the Cloudyn platform’s ability to smart-size deployments alongside its support for hybrid clouds means that customers can now size up exactly the right size and type of deployment while managing the entire hybrid cloud infrastructure from a single pane of glass. Taken together, Cloudyn’s SmartSizing product and ability to support hybrid cloud infrastructures renders its cloud monitoring and optimization platform hugely relevant for customers seeking to manage hybrid clouds while understanding the optimal size of their deployments as well.

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