Datagres Announces PerfAccel For Couchbase Server For Storage Performance Management Featuring Granular I/O Analytics

Datagres this week announced the general availability of PerfAccel for Couchbase Server, its performance management solution for Couchbase’s NoSQL database storage platform. The PerfAccel storage management platform now boasts enhanced performance, improved analytics, an upgraded user interface and support for a broader range of storage infrastructures. In the case of Couchbase, PerfAccel delivers deep visibility into real-time I/O operations regarding storage performance and its intersection with the application layer as well as the underlying hardware. Couchbase customers can use PerfAccel to obtain real-time analytics on every Couchbase I/O to facilitate diagnosis of application bottlenecks or related issues by identifying root causes at the storage level and subsequently implementing prescriptive solutions to remediate the problem at hand. Unlike traditional application performance management vendors, PerfAccel focuses on the storage layer and delivers analytics with a granularity that facilitate increased IOPS, reduced latency and faster applications. The solution also features intelligent, auto-tiering of storage data to optimize application performance by reducing the time required for reads and writes between compute and storage depending on the frequency with which data is used. Overall, PerfAccel delivers performance improvements that result in cost savings of 50 to 80% by empowering customers to leverage data-driven analytics to build and manage big data applications marked by low latency and high throughput. The platform features a deep integration with Couchbase Server 4.0 marked by an exceptional level of granularity regarding Couchbase I/O operations to optimize performance and reduce operational costs as illustrated by the architecture diagram below:

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