Avere Systems Announces CloudFusion For Intelligent Storage Of Data On AWS Using NAS Infrastructure

This week, Avere Systems announced Avere CloudFusion, a scalable file storage application for Amazon Web Services. Avere CloudFusion’s proprietary analytics place the most frequently used, hot data on Amazon EC2 RAM while warm data is assigned to Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS) and cold data is assigned to Amazon S3 in order to most effectively leverage the economics of the public cloud. Avere Systems proprietary algorithms automate the assignment of datasets to hot, medium and cold storage tiers while updating those same designations in real-time in conjunction with changes in the pattern of data usage and retrieval. CloudFusion’s automated assignment of storage data to different storage infrastructures enables it to deliver storage-related cost reductions of up to 90% in comparison with competing NAS solutions for AWS. Meanwhile, its NAS technology renders available a plethora of use cases for AWS customers such as the storage of website data and the enablement of cloud computing featuring real-time, bi-directional reads and writes between EC2 and Avere CloudFusion’s NAS infrastructure. Notably, CloudFusion makes the economics of the public cloud even more palatable for customers with smaller datasets by means of CloudFusion’s Edge Filer technology for analytics and data pipelines between EC2 compute resources and S3 storage. As such, Avere CloudFusion gives Amazon Web Services customers the opportunity to take advantage of AWS cloud computing while enjoying the economies of scale typically associated with big data processing and storage.

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