Basho Releases Basho Riak TS For Time Series Analytics On IoT Data

Basho today announces Basho Riak TS, a distributed, NoSQL database designed for the internet of things and massive amounts of streaming, unstructured data. Importantly, Riak TS is optimized to support time series analytics marked by the ability to ingest and analyze data from sensors, logs, financial data, user activity and performance and risk metrics. The ability of Basho TS to support time series data involves co-location functionality that ensures data from the same time resides on the correct node to enable the most accurate analysis, as well as definitions of fields and tables that support structured and semi-structured data. Basho Riak TS also supports SQL-based queries as well as an integration with Apache Spark to further support analytics on streaming data. Like its counterpart Basho KV, Riak TS delivers massive scalability and high availability to enable production-grade usage on datasets that require time-series analytics. Basho Riak TS also integrates with the Basho Data Platform, an integrated Big Data platform that empowers customers to create high performing applications for real-time analytics. All told, Basho Riak TS marks a notable addition to Basho’s portfolio of Big Data products as represented by the optimization of its design for time series analytics and its concomitant ability to embrace analytic use cases for the internet of things.

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