Splunk Announces Enterprise 6.3 Marked By Enhanced IoT Support And Platform For Infrastructure Operations Monitoring

Splunk today announces the general availability of Splunk Enterprise 6.3, the machine data analytics platform that provides actionable business intelligence and data visualization of data related to applications and infrastructure. Splunk Enterprise 6.3 features performance improvements driven by the parallelization of query and enhanced capacity utilization. The latest performance improvements double the speed of reporting and reduce hardware requirements and the total cost of ownership by a factor of two. In addition, this release features enhanced analytics and data visualization marked by geospatial mapping functionality as well as augmented abilities to detect aberrant and anomalous behavior. Importantly, Splunk Enterprise 6.3 supports high volume event collection for internet of things and DevOps use cases. Splunk’s HTTP/JSON API can accommodate the capture and processing of millions of events per second in ways that empower customers to securely analyze streams of real-time data as illustrated by the dashboard below:

The Multi KPI alerts dashboard illustrates Splunk’s geospatial mapping and real-time data visualization functionality alongside its performance enhancements that allow for rapid refresh of dashboards and widgets in correspondence with streams of incoming data. In conjunction with the release of Splunk Enteprise 6.3, the company also announced the release of Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI), a platform that delivers real-time analytics and insight into the operational health of IT infrastructures and their associated applications. Built using the core functionality of Splunk Enterprise 6.3, Splunk IT Service Intelligence responds to customer requests to adapt Splunk’s analytics to understand the operational performance of infrastructures. Splunk ITSI delivers a unified view that enables customers to understand KPIs within their infrastructure as shown in the following graphic:

The graphic above illustrates how Splunk customers can differentially use Splunk ITSI for both performance optimization and threat intelligence use cases. The release of Splunk ITSI in conjunction with Splunk Enterprise 6.3 constitutes a seminal moment in the history of machine data analytics given the way in which the platform supports IoT use cases and concurrently features significant performance improvements in conjunction with the release of a discrete product dedicated to operational intelligence and analytics. Today’s releases continue to underscore Splunk’s dominance in the world of machine data analytics as well as its ability to innovate to accommodate the forthcoming deluge of IoT related using cases that require real-time capture, processing and analytics on streaming big data.

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