Sauce Labs Adds Real Devices To Its Cloud-Based Mobile App Testing Platform

Earlier this week, Sauce Labs announced the addition of real devices to its cloud-based web and mobile application testing platform. The addition of real devices to the Sauce Labs cloud platform allows for the testing of mobile apps on real devices in conjunction with simulators and emulators of devices using the Sauce Labs cloud. As such, developers and enterprises seeking to test the efficacy of mobile apps on select devices can understand the performance of the application on a real device and correspondingly obtain more accurate data regarding the application’s compatibility with the device in question. The addition of real devices to the Sauce Labs mobile testing platform illustrates the urgency in the industry around testing of mobile apps and the concomitant need for platforms that deliver a controlled framework for testing mobile applications across a variety of infrastructures. Meanwhile, Sauce Labs also announced support for Microsoft Edge and OS X El Capitan browsers and thereby delivered yet another emphatic affirmation of its ability to support the most cutting edge mobile technologies as evinced by Microsoft Edge, Microsoft’s browser for Windows 10. Pricing for Sauce Labs testing apps on real devices exceeds pricing for simulators and emulators, consistent with the rest of the industry, but conversely underscores the value enabled by the opportunity to test mobile apps on actual devices. Expect Sauce Labs to continue expanding the depth of its cloud-based mobile testing functionality as it responds to the skyrocketing proliferation of mobile apps and the associated need within the industry to test apps rapidly and accurately across a variety of devices and browsers.

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