DataHero Announces HubSpot CRM Integration And Enhanced, Dashboard-Centric User Interface

On Tuesday, DataHero announced an expanded integration with HubSpot which allows HubSpot CRM users to visualize and transform data using DataHero’s cloud-based business intelligence platform. As a result of the integration, DataHero users can integrate their visualizations of HubSpot’s CRM data with HubSpot’s inbound and outbound marketing automation tools. DataHero’s integration with HubSpot CRM builds on a long-standing partnership between the two vendors that now extends DataHero’s cloud-based business intelligence tool to help HubSpot CRM customers more effectively understand the intersection between marketing and sales. In addition to the integration with HubSpot, DataHero releases a new user interface featuring a dashboard-focused presentation layer as illustrated below:

DataHero’s dashboard-centric user interface allows customers to drill-down and transform datasets to obtain actionable business intelligence. In conjunction with its expanded partnership with HubSpot CRM, DataHero’s new user interface continues to assert its prominence in the highly competitive space of cloud-based business intelligence tools amongst the likes of Tableau, Domo and Tibco Jaspersoft. Importantly, DataHero allows customers to integrate and analyze a portfolio of cloud-based tools from sources such as Salesforce, Google Analytics and Dropbox. The platform’s sweet spot hinges on its reporting capabilities in conjunction with its ability to ingest data from a variety of cloud-based data sources. Expect to hear more in the way of strategic partnerships from DataHero in subsequent months that continue to propel its traction in the enterprise, particularly amongst customers that are transitioning their business intelligence processes from manual, Excel-based manipulations to seamless automated data ingestion, analytics and real-time data visualization.

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