Platform9 Integrates SolidFire’s All Flash Storage With Its SaaS Managed OpenStack Solution

Platform9 and SolidFire have partnered to integrate Platform9’s OpenStack as a Service with SolidFire’s all flash storage platform. The integration takes advantage of Platform9’s deployment of Platform9 Managed OpenStack Cinder integration, which uses OpenStack Cinder to allow customers to select a block storage option to support the storage needs of their OpenStack deployment. SolidFire represents the first storage partner for Platform9’s SaaS OpenStack solution that boasts compatibility with both KVM and VMware vSphere hypervisors. Notable about SolidFire is that it supports disparate workloads that differentially take advantage of deployments based on both the KVM and VMware vSphere hypervisor. As noted in a Platform9 blog post, Platform9 chose Cinder because it “exposes all the functionalities in its solutions through RESTful APIs,” thereby aligning with Platform9’s predilection for Open APIs, in addition to a scale-out architecture that can deliver high performance and availability for mission critical workloads. The integration between Platform9 and SolidFire features a streamlined user interface that allows users to deploy SolidFire’s all flash storage infrastructure as part of the point and click process of using Platform9’s SaaS interface to set up a fully managed OpenStack cloud as illustrated below:

Expect to hear more details about Platform9’s use of Cinder in conjunction with technical details of its partnership with SolidFire in coming months.

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