CSC Wins $108M Contract With FAA In Collaboration With Amazon And Microsoft

IT services and solutions provider CSC has won a whopping $108M contract from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The deal is intended to allow the FAA to shrink its data centers by allowing CSC to leverage partners such as AWS and Microsoft Azure to create a cloud infrastructure that complements FAA on-premise data centers with the public cloud capabilities of Amazon and Microsoft. The FAA will retain on premise data centers but instead transition to a hybrid cloud infrastructure featuring services from Amazon and Microsoft. CSC will work to transform FAA data centers to a hybrid cloud environment by using its CSC Agility platform cloud management tool to orchestrate cloud deployments. Even though the initial contract is worth $108M, the deal may end up being valued at over $1B over the course of 10 years according to a CSC press release. Notably, IBM was left out of the deal despite its strong track record of securing government contracts for cloud computing.

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