Menlo Security Collaborates With Macnica Networks To Accelerate Sales Of Its Isolation Platform In Japan

Menlo Security recently announced a partnership with Macnica Networks whereby Macnica Networks will serve as a distributor and provider of customer support for Menlo Security’s isolation platform for customers in Japan. Macnica Networks will distribute Menlo Security’s SaaS security offering to Japanese enterprise and service providers to accelerate Menlo Security’s larger expansion into Asia and the Pacific Rim. Unlike cybersecurity vendors that detect security threats by means of deviations from baselines that signify unremarkable user activity and external threats, Menlo Security’s isolation platform quarantines all web traffic from endpoint devices and removes malware before it has the opportunity to reach the endpoint. Amir Ben-Efraim, co-founder and CEO of Menlo Security, commented on the partnership with Macnica Networks as follows:

Macnica Networks has established a strong reputation as a leader introducing important security innovations to the Japanese market. We’re delighted to be partnering with them to help Japanese enterprises and service providers significantly improve their defenses against the rising threat of malware.

By partnering with Macnica Networks, Menlo Security underscores the seriousness of its commitment to sales outreach to Japan and the Asia Pacific more generally. Conversely, the partnership points toward the interest had by Japanese enterprises and service providers in isolation-based security platforms as businesses worldwide come to terms with security threats to SaaS platforms. Menlo’s decision to partner with Macnica illustrates how the market for cloud-based applications and related infrastructures has spread globally to include Asia, and Japan in particular, as an increasingly rich customer base for cybersecurity vendors such as Menlo Security. Meanwhile, the partnership between the two vendors underscores the urgency of cybersecurity solutions to the industry at large as the hugely fractionated cybersecurity industry churns out a multitude of variegated solutions that differentially address threats to cybersecurity.

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