Silver Peak’s Partnership With Infoblox, Nutanix and Zscaler Affirms Adoption Of Its SD WAN Solution

On Monday, Silver Peak announced partnerships with Infoblox, Nutanix and Zscaler that promise to accelerate the adoption of its Unity EdgeConnect SD Wide Area Network (WAN) solution. Silver Peak’s Unity EdgeConnect solution creates a virtual overlay-based Wide Area Network that leverages both MPLS and broadband connectivity. By using broadband to deliver overlay-based WAN infrastructures, Silver Peak’s Unity EdgeConnect solution allows customers to improve application performance, reduce latency, improve scalability and optimize bandwidth. Infoblox provides network management solutions whereas Nutanix specializes in hyperconverged software-defined appliances and Zscaler focuses on cybersecurity. Infoblox, Nutanix and Zscaler stand to benefit from the enhanced operational agility and performance improvements enabled by the Silver Peak SD WAN solution, in conjunction with dramatically reduced implementation costs. Silver Peak’s partnership announcement also testifies to successful product integration between its SD WAN platform and a diverse range of platforms and infrastructures that illustrates an increasingly turnkey deployment process that dramatically shortens the cycle time required of an SD WAN implementation. Monday’s announcement consolidates Silver Peak’s leadership in the SD WAN space and correspondingly illustrates increasing market adoption of virtual overlay-based WAN solutions that allow customers to benefit from broadband connectivity to deliver a high performing, agile wide area network solution.

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