Latest Version Of HP Vertica Underscores HP’s Commitment To Big Data Analytics

On August 11, HP announced the release of Excavator, the latest version of HP Vertica. Excavator features the ability to ingest and perform real-time analytics on massive amounts of streaming data. HP Excavator’s ability to analyze high velocity, streaming datasets positions it more strongly to embrace use cases related to the internet of things and machine data, more generally. Other features of HP Excavator include the ability to perform text searches on massive volumes of log data in conjunction with enhanced manageability and security. In addition, HP Excavator features more advanced SQL analytic functions as well as enhanced support for Apache Hadoop. This release also features further optimization for Apache Hadoop as well as integration with Apache Kafka. Finally, HP Excavator also boasts enhanced cloud interoperability in the form of tighter integration between Amazon S3 and HP VerticaOnDemand. Given its recent acquisition of ActiveState Stackato and renewed commitment to HP Helion, based on OpenStack, HP Excavator underscores the strength of HP’s big data play, particularly in light of Vertica’s tightened integration with Apache Hadoop. The obvious question now is how tightly HP can integrate Vertica with the rest of its Helion cloud portfolio toward the end of delivering an integrated cloud-big data offering that allows enterprises to enjoy the scalability and automation of cloud infrastructures alongside the data management and analytic capabilities required in an era of ever increasing device connectivity and real-time data feeds.

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