GE Launches Predix Cloud For Industrial Internet and Machine Data

GE recently announced plans to launch the Predix Cloud, one of the few clouds dedicated to the internet of things and “industrial data and analytics,” according to a company press release. Built for the industrial internet, the Predix Cloud is designed for integrated connectivity to millions of assets that transmit machine data from objects such as datacenters, automobiles, appliances and computing devices. The Cloud Foundry-based Platform as a Service Predix Cloud will focus on aggregating massive volumes of machine data in an infrastructure that features an array of security, compliance and governance protocols that facilitate customer compliance with industry and internal regulations regarding the safety and security of their data. In addition to storing machine data, the platform allows customers to analyze and monitor machine data to ensure operational efficiency as well as machine performance within designated thresholds. GE’s launch of the Predix Cloud builds upon its $105M investment in Pivotal, the Big Data and Cloud company owned by EMC and VMware. The Predix Cloud further underscores the depth of GE’s investment in cloud-based infrastructures for storing and analyzing machine data. GE business units will begin migrating their software stacks to the Predix Cloud later this year. The Predix Cloud is intended to become commercially available to other customers in 2016.

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