Palerra Announces Enhanced Cloud Security Support For AWS

Cloud security vendor Palerra recently announced enhanced support for Amazon Web Services in the form of its LORIC for AWS platform. Palerra’s LORIC for AWS solution delivers IT monitoring and remediation for a suite of AWS products and services including EC2, S3 and EBS. In contrast to cloud security products that adopt a siloed approach to protecting discrete AWS products, LORIC delivers integrated protection for AWS customers across all of the AWS products and services used in their deployments. Because LORIC’s breach detection and breach response solutions leverage unified behavioral analytics across a range of AWS products, customers stand to benefit from its ability to proactively detect aberrant behavior in one AWS product before it has the opportunity to effect deleterious downstream repercussions on other products. LORIC for AWS boasts threat detection capabilities, administration monitoring, user activity monitoring, configuring monitoring, usage visibility, pre-configured compliance reports and incident response functionality. The platform’s advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities have the capacity to detect notable deviations from baseline user activity profiles and automate the execution of remediation plans as necessary. Palerra’s automated monitoring and remediation functionality also facilitates compliance assessments and attestations that allow customers to dispense with manual audits and run compliance-related reports instead. In addition to AWS, Palerra’s LORIC platform supports Salesforce, Box, Microsoft 365 and ServiceNow as the battle for leadership in SaaS-focused cloud security heats up, particularly in light of the recent Ashley Madison hack that threatens to compromise the names of thousands of users.

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