Report: Microsoft In Agreement To Purchase Israel-based Cloud Security Firm Adallom For $320M

Microsoft has reportedly agreed to purchase Adallom, the Israel-based cloud security company for $320M. Adallom focuses on protecting the security of SaaS applications such as, Office 365, Box, Dropbox and ServiceNow. Adallom customers include Pivotal, SAP, EllieMae, Netflix and LinkedIn. The deal further exemplifies Microsoft’s commitment to cloud security as evinced by its acquisition of another Israel-based startup, Aorato in 2014 and its recent collaboration with Bromium to complement the security functionality of Windows 10 by means of Bromium’s isolation technology. If confirmed, Microsoft’s purchase of Adallom adds further fuel to the recent spate of cloud security acquisitions as evinced by Splunk’s recent acquisition of Caspida for $190M and Cisco’s acquisition of OpenDNS for $635M.

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