Bromium Collaborates With Microsoft To Complement Windows 10 Security Functionality

Bromium announced today a collaboration with Microsoft that ensures compatibility with Bromium’s micro-virtualization technology and Windows 10 to deliver a secure endpoint market solution. Bromium complements Windows 10 security by means of its approach to security that leverages micro-virtualization to isolate and quarantine security threats before they have the opportunity to touch the endpoint device. Ian Pratt, CEO and co-founder of Bromium, commented on the partnership with Microsoft as follows:

Our strategic partnership with Microsoft is centered on a common technology heritage and a shared goal of hardening the endpoint to prevent enterprise breaches. This partnership validates micro-virtualization as a foundation for future desktop security and assures Bromium’s security products are compatible and complementary to Microsoft’s efforts to enhance security in Windows. Microsoft and Bromium together make Windows endpoints secure, defeating attacks by design and delivering real-time threat insights. We are proud to be working closely with Microsoft to help end the era of enterprise breaches.

As Pratt notes, Bromium’s collaboration with Microsoft underscores the validity of micro-virtualization as a technology that facilitates endpoint security. In addition, the partnership testifies to the complementary quality of new security functionality specific to Windows 10 such as its use of CPU virtualization to protect the endpoint. From an industry perspective, Bromium’s partnership with Microsoft validates the efficacy of isolation technology as a proven modality for ensuring endpoint security in conjunction with Bromium’s real-time analytics and actionable threat intelligence. Expect Bromium to continue amplifying its momentum in the wake of its partnership with Microsoft, particularly as Windows 10 achieves broader adoption throughout the industry.

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