Kyvos Brings OLAP Cube Functionality To Hadoop Data Analysis

Kyvos Insights recently announced the general availability of Kyvos, a solution that allows users to access Hadoop-based data by means of the familiar, OLAP cube structure referenced by most business intelligence platforms. By bringing OLAP to Hadoop, Kyvos gives customers the ability to understand relationships between different variables such as age and spending patterns with impressive query response times. As such, Kyvos enables interactive exploration and visualization of Hadoop-based data while accelerating the time to insight with respect to the derivation of actionable business intelligence. Compatible with all major Hadoop distributions, Kyvos positions itself within a larger ecosystem of products that aim to render Hadoop-based data more accessible to analysts, either by rendering Hadoop compliant with a SQL-compliant query interface or by delivering a proprietary business intelligence platform for Hadoop. Kyvos boasts its own dashboards and data visualization functionality and frees users from the need to transfer Hadoop data to a separate staging area dedicated to analysis. Importantly, Kyvos illustrates the urgency within the industry to simplify access to Hadoop data by presenting users with familiar, battle-tested methods of exploring big data that integrate with the business intelligence frameworks familiar to the community of analysts at large.

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